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La petite chienne et la louve - Marine Blandin - 17 x 23 cm - 64 pages - Graphic Novel - September 2022 - EUR 15


Life is hard for Nana, a little fearful dog with big round eyes… Her owner, an awful man, is always shouting at her and hitting her for no reason! She’d given up all hope of escaping until one day, a big wolf bursts into her life. The wolf encourages her to run away, to set off on an adventure and join her friends in the forest. Her journey is full of obstacles and dangers, but she bravely rises to the challenge and even meets Sylvie, a little girl who also dreams of finding the wolves… Nana, we believe in you!

In this début picture book, Marine Blandin explores themes that are close to her heart: animals and nature. She gives a voice to animals living in the city, as well as those in the forest, and thus traces a story of emancipation, an ode to self-discovery and freedom, and shows that even those who seem weak can find inner-strength. Touches of humour in her drawings and dialogues strengthen the importance of her message, which is sometimes serious, and always sensitive and moving.




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