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La Plage  - Sol Undurraga - €16 - 28 x 36 cm - 36 pages - Hardback - June 2017



A day at the beach, from dawn to dusk.

 It’s five in the morning, the sun is rising. Fishermen leave the first footprints on the sand.  In the middle of the sea, they wait for the fish. It’s six a.m.  Eight a.m. The fishermen come back to the shore, with their boats loaded with fish.  Eleven a.m. The sand is warm with the rays of the sun. It’s time for a swim. Noon. The swell of warm sand gives way to that of fruit, barbecue and sandwiches. Two p.m. The sun is scorching hot. Bathing is the best way to avoid sunburn.

A wonderful and crazy book, full of little details to explore.


Bologna Ragazzi Award 2018 - Special Mention -  Opera Prima Category

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