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La Robe de soie - Chiara Mezzalama & Régis Lejonc - 21 x 33 cm - 40 pages - Picture book - October 2022 - EUR 15



In the big red house, at the end of the black corridor, was a wardrobe. Hidden at the back of the wardrobe was a cardboard box. And in this box, was a bright red Chinese silk dress, carefully folded away. It was so beautiful that the little girl wanted to try it on. “Nonna, look what I found!” “How dare you touch that dress? Take it off now!” her grandmother shouted. The little girl started to cry… What ghosts of the past had she awoken by trying on this dress? The talented multi-award winning duo (Jardin du dedans-dehors: Prix Sorcières 2018, Prix Saint-Exupéry, Prix Chrétien de Troyes, national education list), tells the story of the moving relationship between a little girl and her grandmother, in a poignant text about family secrets and the upheavals brought about by the war. Magnificent!




Chiara Mezzalama is an Italian author, translator and psychotherapist, internationally renowned for her adult novels, as well as her picture books for children, including Le Jardin du dedans dehors, critically acclaimed in France and abroad.

Régis Lejonc is a French illustrator. He has published sixty or so books. He was awarded the Ragazzi Award in 2022 at the Bologna Book Fair for his picture book Fechamos, published by Editions des Elephants.

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