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La soupe aux cailloux moelleux.jpg


La Soupe aux cailloux moelleux - Alain Serge Dzotap & Irène Schoch - 23 x 30 cm - 32 pages - €14 - October 2019



There’s a famine. Leuk-the-hare is desperate to find some food to munch on. After a long journey through the savannah, he knocks on Bouki the hyena’s door, but she does not want to share anything with him. Using his cunning, Leuk manages to convince her to lend him a pot to make a delicious chewy stone soup. One by one, the elephant, the leopard and all the animals join them, adding peanuts, palm nuts, yams, red chilli and more, to the soup with a secret only Leuk knows.  

A well-known folk tale from Europe to Asia, served up with an African twist by Alain Serge Dzotap. With a touch of mischief and freshness, he transposes the story to the savannah, along with the rich bestiary of African folktales. A book that overcomes prejudices, accompanied by Irène Schoch’s warm, vibrant and joyful illustrations, striving for sharing with others and solidarity. Everyone emerges from this African soup feeling full and wiser.


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