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La Villa - Cléa Dieudonné - 21 x 30 cm - 48 pages - Spring 2019 - €22



Following on from La Mégalopole (Bologna Ragazzi Award 2016), Cléa Dieudonné explores a new format with this original book that is bound on the left and right hand sides. The reader moves forward through the story by lifting the pages from the middle (left and right), as though opening both sides of a double door. Welcome to the villa! Summer has just begun, and Prune has arrived at her aunt Violette’s house where she will spend the holidays. She rings the doorbell and is welcomed by a joyful crowd in fancy-dress. They lead her straight into the ballroom. Suddenly, a delicious smell floats through the air. She pushes a little door open and finds herself in a kitchen full of busy chefs. She continues her tour through the laboratory, office, library etc, and ends up in a hot air balloon…! The Villa is a wonderfully quirky book, that explores a wonderfully quirky home, packed with thousands of details and little scenes playing out in every corner of each room.

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