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La Villa nuit - Guillaume Chauchat - 17 x 23 cm - 56 pages -Picture book - February 2023 - €16

John, dreaming awake or living in a dreamlike reality, leads a funny, double life. During the day, you must get up, go to school, have a snack while listening to music, in a quick, regular fashion. At nightfall begins another dream, when John closes his eyes, lying in bed. And every night, in his dreams, his house comes to life. But since this caterpillar remains untraceable, everything begins to disappear, from the furniture to the objects that are most precious to him. John is very worried… This picture book it is about the fear of forgetting, erasing memories when you leave a place or move. With a great sense of poetry and a most welcome dose of melancholy, Guillaume Chauchat navigates, through John and this comic strip, in between existential questions that many children experience. Its flat tints of bright colours perfectly fluctuate with the white representing the empty space and create a strange space conducive to dreaming. A beautiful book, a perfect mix of ca omic strip, a children's picture book and an art book, wide open to interpretation.

Born in Paris in 1980, GUILLAUME CHAUCHAT now lives and works in Strasbourg. He has published comic strips, children’s books, and art projects (with Biscoto, Pan, Le Tigre). He works with the press (Le Monde, Libération, The New York Times…) and on 3D projects. He also teaches at HEAR, in Strasbourg, from which he graduated in 2009.


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