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La Pyramide des animaux - Cléa Dieudonné - €14.90 -  25 x 17.5 cm - 22 pages to unfold on 1.90 m. - May 2017



Today it's the Hoopoe's birthday and all the animals have come together to get ready for a big party. The gorilla, the cow, the bear, the camel, the crocodile, the giraffe, the boa constrictor, the rhino, the albatross, the kangaroo, the tapir, the panda, the tortoise, the wolf and the penguin, (and that's just the beginning!) are all there, piled one on top of the other. All together they make a hilarious, absurd and unbelievable Noah's Ark type pyramid. A spectacular game-come-book (once opened it's over two metres long) of guess the animal, as the book unfolds page by page. It's a smart take on a children's picture book in which you can discover over one hundred animals

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