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Le Bestiaire de Maman - Jeanne Sterkers & Victori Le Foll - 25 x 34 cm - 40 pages - February 2021 - €16



My mummy is incredible. She has a superpower… She can transform! When the shopping is too heavy, she turns into a buffalo to carry it. She can do a thousand things at once, like an octopus with lots of arms. When something breaks, she becomes a beaver and fixes it. She also sings like a nightingale… But stay clear when wakes up in the morning! She’s a real grumpy pig… A hilarious bestiary, featuring everyday situations in a child – or mother’s! – life, that kids can relate to.

A debut picture book with a surprising and original portrayal of mothers, brought to life through striking acrylic illustrations, by a talented new artist.

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