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Le Bonnet magique - Mireille Messier & Charlotte Parent - 22.9 x 29.2 cm - 48 pages - Hardback book - April 2023 - CAN$23.95



Many moons ago, in a tiny, thatched cottage at the edge of the woods,lived two children named Isaura and Arlo with their hedgehog, Crispin. When their beloved pet becomes ill, Isaura suggests that they seek the magical healing

power of gnomes. Convinced this will heal it, the children set off into the woods with humble offerings, hoping to attract the gnomes. The trick does not seem to work, however, and gnomes are nowhere to be seen despite the children’s good intentions.

Mireille Messier  is a children’s author with a background in theater and broadcasting. She has published more than 30 picture and chapter book  When she’s not writing, Messier works in children’s television as a scriptwriter for various programs. Born in Montréal, she now lives in Toronto with her family.

Charlotte Parent is a freelance illustrator and comic artist based in Montréal. She holds a BFA from Concordia Universit where she specialized in drawing. She also has a MA in conservation and works as an archaeological and world cultures conservator.moversher students' daily lives, experiences, and dreams.




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