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Le Cadeau - Alain Serge Dzotap & Delphine Renon - 25 x 19 cm - 32 pages - August 2020 - €14

Leo got a beautiful present for his birthday. A magnificent pen. Before leaving, his father tells him that there are lots of wonderful things inside. That he will show him when he gets home. But Leo can’t wait to find out what is inside his pen. He asks his sister, who squeezes out three drops of ink. He asks the hen, who doubts that a pen, barely bigger than an egg, contains anything of interest. And as for the giraffe, she tries in vain to play a few musical notes… Back at home, his mummy shows him. Holding Leo’s paw in her own, they write wonderful words together. Leo discovers with wonder that inside his pen is an aeroplane, a cake, all the words and all the things in the world…

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