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Le Collier magique - Souleymane Mbodj & Magali Attiogbé - 22 x 28.5 cm - 32 pages - September 2020 - €14



A long, long time ago, lived a sorcerer named Karamoko. One day, a rumour spreads through the savannah that he knows how to make magic necklaces that make animals invincible. The hyena knocks on his door first, asking for the talisman. The sorcerer promises it will be ready that evening. Then the other animals come one by one, each one explaining why they deserve the necklace… Young readers will love this tale, full of humour, proud and conceited characters that the author pokes fun at, the triumph of the underdog, and of course, the essential ingredient for any good children’s book… poo. A story constructed like a vaudeville, in which the animals cross paths and try to scare each other, without ever meeting or having the courage to face each other.

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