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Le Discours de la panthère - Jérémie Moreau - 25.4 x 34.4 cm - 108 pages - October 2020 - €26.90

With all his might, a buffalo pushes at a rock wall, his horns digging into the mountainside in an attempt to move an island. For the island, you see, is doomed: a comet streaking through the sky will soon crash right into it, obliterating it completely. This much the buffalo knows. He has seen it in his dreams and says so to the monitor lizard who soon joins him in his efforts to save the island where they live.

So begins our tale, an animal allegory composed of brief vignettes. These episodes introduce us to a starling who’s lost his way mid-migration, a baby elephant learning about the history of the world, a bird who helps an ostrich change the way she looks at herself. Together, these highly evocative fables recall the delights of the La Fontaine and the tumultuous imagery of The Jungle Book. Jérémie Moreau deftly succeeds in shifting the reader’s perspective and transcending mere humanistic moral parable as the animals become fully-fledged characters in their own right, with their own lives and singular beauty.

Jérémie Moreau grew up in the Paris region. Drawing assiduously, he participates every year, from the age of eight, in the comic book competition of the Angoulême Festival - he won the High School Student Prize in 2005 and, a few years later, the Young Talents Prize, in 2012. His studies then push him towards animation. A graduate of the Gobelins, he became a “character designer” on large productions (Despicable Me 2…). He then returned to comics and had his first success with The Monkey by Hartlepool, on a story by Wilfried Lupano. He then created, alone, the two volumes of Max Winson. In 2018, with La Saga de Grimr, he achieved a form of consecration by obtaining the Golden Fauve at the Angoulême festival, where it all began. After Penss et les folds du monde (2019), he joined the 2024 editions to continue his investigation into the origins of the world.Simplified Chinese rights sold


Winner - Bologna Ragazzi Award 2021 - Comics Young Adult Category

Comments of the Jury:

"The marvel that is Nature is splendidly portrayed by the artist’s incredible colour palette and the exceptional book design. Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes are the perfect backdrop for the animal characters as they wonder about their destiny and what will happen to their species. Moreau steps outside the usual survival-of-the-fittest wildlife narrative to look at how animals relate to members of their own species. His mature profound style highlights the hidden similarities between humans and animals before the great existential questions."

Official selection of Angoulême 2021

Winner - Pépite 2020 - Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse