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Le Grain de sable - Sylvain Alzial & Benoît Tardif - Hardcover book - 20 x 29 cm - 64 pages - January 2022  - €15.90



This is the story of a tiny grain of sand. The grain was fed up with being constantly tossed around by the waves and poked at with buckets and spades. Until one day, it saw a big, peaceful rock. “I wish that was me,” it thought, and immediately turned into a rock. Life was great at first, but soon became boring. Then it saw a volcano, full of panache and personality. “I wish that was me,” it thought. And immediately turned into a volcano. Spouting rivers of lava was great fun. But then it became boring again. So, it turned into a sun, then a cloud, the wind and an ocean. Until one day, by the beach, it noticed a beautiful sandcastle, made out of thousands of little grains of sand and began to dream about yet another transformation…

A well-paced and original take on a classic fairy tale, illustrated in a very graphic and modern style, with a beautiful fluorescent pantone that brings the picture book to life.




After studying musicology, Sylvain Alzial began producing documentaries and programmes about music around the world. His first children’s book, L’oiseau à deux becs, with Olivier Philipponneau was published by Memo in 2013.

After studying graphic design at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Benoît Tardif became an illustrator. His unique, ironic and colourful style is marked by his love for silkscreen printing and posters.

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