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Le grand atelier - Les canailles - 26 x 37 cm - 68 pages - €22 - April 2020



Have you ever dreamt of stepping into an artist’s studio? Seeing what Leonardo da Vinci or Van Gogh’s workshop looked like? This beautiful book offers a peek behind the scenes of 15 art studios throughout history, from Antiquity to today. Each workshop is presented on two double-page spreads; on the first an artist’s portrait and fifteen objects relating to their work, along with a text about their art; and on the other a full page illustration plunging the reader into their studio… and a game of seek and find for each one. Leonardo da Vinci, Hokusai, Rodin, Van Gogh, Méliès, Yves Saint Laurent…  Europe, Asia, Africa and America’s greatest sculptors, filmmakers, engravers, architects and photographers all open up their doors. A beautiful fully illustrated book in an XXL format, to enjoy as a family.


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