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Le grand inventaire de l'art - Louise Lockhart - 37 x 26 cm - 48 pages - June 2018



What did art world look like in prehistory? And what will it look like tomorrow? Are the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty dating to the same period?
Let’s discover 10 great artistic periods through this magnificent inventory - 100% illustrated. English designer Louise Lockhart revisits 10,000 years of art history: Prehistory, Ancient Art, Roman and Gothic Middle Ages, Renaissance, the Century of Revolutions, Avant-gardes, Contemporary Art and art of today and tomorrow.

For each chapter, about thirty drawings make up the artistic inventory of the time: paintings, buildings, sculptures, portraits of artists, technical tools, and recurring motifs… Everything is here together. A second fully illustrated page depicts the era, with a short presentation. You can also have fun spotting 5 details of the inventory.

From chapter to chapter, we go through the history of art, with the pleasure of finding works that we knew and the surprise to see in which world of art they fit. It is an original journey in the history of art, accessible to everyone.


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