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Le Grand voyage de petit

Le grand voyage de Petit Pois — Davide Cali & Sébastien Mourrain — Hardcover book — 17.3 x 22 cm — 36 pages — November 2017 — CAN$19.95


Little Pea illustrates stamps for a living. He has painted insects, tomatoes, cars and flowers. What should he do next? He is short on inspiration… So he sets off on a great journey and a quest for ideas. Little Pea's Great Journey is the next installment in the adventures of our beloved little illustrator!

Davide Cali is a prolific author and illustrator. In 2005, he won the Baobab Prize for Moi j'attends, illustrated by Serge Bloch and published by Sarbacane. "Davide Cali's style is characterized by an overflowing sense of humor and an obvious sense of rhythm. This shows in his books, both for children and adults. His works often carry a message to be read between the lines and different levels of meaning" ( Davide Cali has written over 60 books and they were translated in over 30 countries.


Sébastien Mourrain is an illustrator for children's publishing as well as for the adult and children's press. He has illustrated about 40 fictions and documentaries, that were released by Gallimard, Seuil, Bayard, Glénat, Flammarion, Fourmis rouges and Milan, among others. He lives in Lyon.

“It’s hard to resist the book’s naïve drawings and Davide Cali’s soft color palette.”

– Muriel Françoise –La Presse

Korean, Spanish, Russian, Swedish and Complex Chinese rights sold

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