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Le Jardin du dedans dehors - Chiara Mezzalama & Régis Lejonc - 21 x 33 cm - 40 pages - September 2017 - € 15



The unexpected friendship of two children, born at the edge of war and peace.
After mutation of Chiara’s father, the whole family has to move to a far country. One summer evening, Chiara packs her suitcase. Over there, she is not sure to find toys. Over there, there is an inside and an outside.
Inside: the wild garden where princes and princesses used to walk. Outside: the black city, the monster city, soldiers with big boots and big beards, bombs. War.
One day, a boy from outside climbs the wall of the garden. If he appears first as a threat, he soon becomes a friend for Chiara, the Persian prince with whom she escapes from her gilded prison…
Inspired by the childhood of the author, whose father was appointed Italian ambassador to Tehran in 1980, this text is a beautiful evocation of a country struck by war, where friendship arises despite the rising walls.




Prix Sorcières 2018 - "Carrément passionnant maxi" category

Prix Saint Exupéry 2018

Prix Chrétien de Troyes 2018

Selection of the National Ministry of National Education

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