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Le long des ruines couv.jpg


Le long des ruines - Jérémy Perrodeau - Hardcover book - 19 x 27 cm - 231 pages - 2021 - €28



Samuel F. Monroe travels where he is needed: both psychiatrist and elite soldier, this curious healer can delve into the brains of sleeping patients. Their thoughts are like virtual worlds, in which Samuel travels to find lost consciousness. He dives in and brings them back to life. Wealthy patricians reclusive on their green islet, the Midori called Samuel: their daughter Rose sank into a deep coma for years. So Samuel will dive, once again – but this time he won’t go alone: Anha, Rose’s sister, insisted on being on the expedition, through this unstable and dangerous subconscious... How Rose’s mind was it could have engendered so much violence?


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