Le Meilleurissime repaire de la terre - Oriane Lassus - 21 x 28 cm - Hardback cover -  48 pages - January 2017 - €14


What’s going on in Leïa’s apartment block? One rainy day, as she’s building a den, an anteater suddenly appears in her bedroom, an old-growth forest takes over the entire apartment upstairs, two children and their parents burst into her flat in search of their aunt who has mysteriously disappeared… Move over boredom! Time for Leïa and her friends to do some investigating! The author calls upon all the elements of a classic detective story, whilst questioning them at the same time. And so, we meet Leïa, an intrepid little girl, her divorced father who works from home, a skirt-wearing primary school teacher, and an old aunt who refuses to let anyone tell her how to live her life. An enthralling adventure story, with subtly depicted characters as rarely seen in children’s books. Oriane Lassus paints a picture of childhood in which something that seems incongruous to an adult, is actually often the most sensible solution.