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Le quotidien extraordinaire — Aki — Hardcover book — 21.5 x 27.5 cm — 48 pages — May 2017 — CAN$20.95



Mr. Rabbit’s days are anything but dull. Eating pizza is a challenge, crossing the road is an athletic feat and train travel reveals astonishing landscapes. Mr. Rabbit’s days turn into incredible adventures! Each of Mr. Rabbit’s short stories is presented in one page, in the form of a cartoon without words.




Aki, whose real name is Delphine Mach, has been an author and illustrator since 2008. After studying graphic design at the Duperré School in Paris, she worked as a freelancer and published in the press. She created two series, Pan & Chat and Trois grains de riz, both released by Gallimard jeunesse (Giboulées). Her works were also released by Belin, Casterman, Le Seuil, Actes Sud and Comme des géants (Le grand livre des petits trésors, 2015, and Le quotidien extraordinaire, 2017), among others.




“This is a fascinating look at the little things in life and a lesson on making our days a whimsical world filled with imagination. This little book is aptly titled!”
– Alexandra Guimont – Revue Les Libraires


“With his expressive face, our big-eared friend will bring smiles to the faces of young and old through the thousand absurd situations that fill his day.”
– Campagne pour la lecture


“Absurdity reigns in this book. It engages the intelligence of readers young and old. It shows a great deal of finesse and subtlety.”
– Catherine Trudeau – Radio-Canada/Plus on est de fous, plus on lit

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