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Le Roi de la Lune - Bérengère Cournut & Donatien Mary - 23 x 31 cm - 48 pages - August 2019

One evening, the King of the Moon, a little tyrant with a gigantic head, bursts into Anathilde’s bedroom. The monarch sweeps the young girl away on his space ship and off they go to the moon! Upon arrival, Anathilde discovers the Lunars, strange creatures busily sorting through the King of the Moon’s toy collection, stolen from children on planet Earth. Against her best intentions, Anathilde becomes the King of the Moon’s accomplice, and finds herself involved in a plot to steal a toy train from a sick child.
Bérengère Cournut and Donatien Mary unravel a story with twists and turns, following in the footsteps of children’s literary masterpieces such as Babar by Jean de Brunhoff, or aesthetically reminiscent of André Hellé’s illustrated stories.

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