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Le Roi de la lune et le Robot zinzin - Bérengère Cournut et Donatien Mary - 23 x 31 cm - 48 pages - Picture book - October 2022 - EUR 19



Anathilde and her sister Rose have invited their friends Emile and Philemon round to play. When Anathilde tells them the story of her journey to space with the Moon King, Emile doesn’t believe her. But suddenly, the spaceship on the merry-go-round in the park takes off! And the four friends are launched into the sky on a wonderful journey…

On the moon, they visit the city of the Lunars and discover their strange habits. There, they meet the toy-stealing Moon King, his huge dinosaur Croquette and, above all, a strange robot…

The Moon King characters are back for more adventures! Bérengère Cournut and Donatien Mary’s first book was published in 2019 and awarded at the International Bologna Book Fair. Donatien Mary’s bright illustrations bring Bérengère Cournut’s writing to life in a new, funny and happy picture book.




Bérengère Cournut has published several novels, including De pierre et d’os, a novel about an Inuit woman with the character of a bear and an ermine, which was awarded the Prix du Roman Fnac in 2019 and the Prix Libr’à Nous in 2020. Since 2011, she works regularly with Donatien Mary, who is a designer, illustrator and engraver. They won the Bologna Ragazzi Award for their first Moon King book.

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