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Le royaume de rien du tout — Ronald Wohlman & Dylan Hewitt — Hardcover book — 29.5 x 21.5 cm — 54 pages — February 2019 — CAN$22.95



In the Kingdom of Nothing, there really was nothing. No toys or TVs. No tablets

or phones. No bicycles, tricycles or anything at all. Yet with nothing in their Kingdom, the King and Queen, the Princess and the Prince, were still the happiest family in all the land. And the reason why is simple. They all knew that the things in life that can bring you the most joy and happiness are around you all the time. You just need to know where to look for them.




Ronald Wohlman was born in South Africa. He has been writing stories since he was a kid. He first was an actor and puppeteer and then worked in advertising and marketing. His job has taken him on many journeys that have inspired him for his works. The stories he creates are universal, meaningful and full of humanity. He lives in New York City, but he defines himself as a citizen of the world.


Dylan Hewitt was born and raised in London. He studied graphic design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. He started to work as an art director in the world of advertising and then as an illustrator and author. Creating illustrated books is a true passion for him. He uses ink and collage and combines simple shapes and bright colors to create warm, playful and surreal visual universes.



The various graphic layouts sometimes place emphasis on the characters emotions, sometimes focus on the visual scenery (characterized by a starry sky and a full moon). A feeling of wholeness accompanies the reader and facilitates contemplation. The book is an ode to spontaneity, simplicity, and to the long-forgotten art of doing nothing. Its tale about nothing is nevertheless filled with possibilities."

– Marie Fradette – Le Devoir


" [...] here is a book that carries a very strong message, showing that doing nothing at all can really be something! A reading experience to offer as a gift [...] which highlights the importance of appreciating present time and each moment one spends with his own family [...]!"

– Rachel Cournoyer – J'enseigne avec la littérature jeunesse

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