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Le Super Week-end de l'Espace - Gaëlle Alméras - 20,5 x 25 cm - 96 pages - May 2018

It is a beautiful evening as Platypus, Beaver, and Rat go out on a camping weekend. There is a surprise for them: Rat is hosting them in his observatory, which sits on top of a tree. The tree house is beautiful, and fully equipped for the most incredible discoveries: the sky, the stars, our galaxy, infinity... In a word, astronomy! Everything in their explorations is an excuse to better understand our universe:

- Understanding the difference between meteorites, comets and asteroids by looking at a stone

- Learning how to find the North Star while playing pirates,

- Discovering light – both visible and invisible – by witnessing the apparition of a rainbow…And much more!  

The Awesome Space Week-end is a clever, funny and precisely documented way to discover space – half-way between a picture book and a graphic novel.

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