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Le Super Week-end de l'océan - Gaëlle Alméras - 22.5 x 17.5 cm - 36 pages - October 2021 - €14

After the huge success of Le Super week-end de l’espace, Orni and her friends Beaver and Rat are back, with their little quirks, mannerisms, and sense of humour. This time, they’re off to a little island with their caravan and a tent, to find out about the ocean! There they meet Orni’s cousin, Echid (an echidna is a mammal belonging to the same family as the platypus). Echid comes from Australia and knows all about the Pacific Ocean. She’s also a vegetarian and dreams of becoming… an oceanologist!
A wonderful 160-page comic book, to find out everything about the ocean, their rich marine biodiversity, and their landscapes! The book also explains major natural phenomena, such as currents, tides, the water cycle and Archimedes’ principle. Alongside funny and friendly characters, the reader observes, asks questions, finds answers, and enjoys learning. A wonderful, complete guide with lots of information for both grown-ups and children!


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After graduating with degrees in fashion and graphic design, Gaëlle Alméras turned her attention to communication, scenography and textile silkscreen printing. She loves art and science, particularly astronomy and nature, and is a very active author and illustrator.
In 2009, her fairy-tale for adults, Bambou, was shortlisted for the ‘Jeunes Talents d’Angoulême’ prize. In 2015, she started writing a series of popular science columns, that then became Le Super week-end de l’espace, awarded with the ‘Prix Brahic’ as best astronomy picture book for children in 2019, and a finalist of the Montreuil Book Fair ‘Pépites’ as well as the Ministry of Higher Education’s ‘Prix le gout des sciences’.

She has been regularly speaking in schools since 2018 about art and science, creates exhibitions and runs workshops. In 2019, she decided to tackle her lifelong phobia of fish by researching underwater life and discovered a new passion, that she explains very simply in Le Super week-end de l’océan.


The scientific proofreader
Marjolaine Matabos is a researcher in benthic (seabed) ecology at Ifremer’s Deep Environment Laboratory. She studies life at 1,000 to 5,000m below sea-level, and more specifically hydrothermal springs of oceanic ridges, or high-temperature underwater geysers.

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