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Le tragique destin de Pépito — Catherine Lepage (based on a tale by Pierre Lapointe) — Hardcover book — 18 x 23 cm — 92 pages — April 2016 — CAN$22.95



Pepito is different. But Margot likes him a lot. The candies he gives her are delicious. But the other students make fun of him and think him odd. Pepito is different, fundamentally different. It’s his secret, which makes him fragile. This fanciful tale tells a story of bullying that rings all too true. And the consequences can be tragic.




Catherine Lepage is a graphic designer, author and illustrator. She has written various books for children such as her recent Zoothérapie (2016) and Fines tranches d'angoisse (2014), that were released by Somme toute. In 2016, she adapted and scripted the text of Le tragique destin de Pépito and created the illustrations for this graphic novel based on a tale by the singer-songwriter Pierre Lapointe. She has also written and illustrated Marivière, a picture book that was published by Comme des géants in 2017.

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