Les vacances du loup  - Yen-Lu Chen-Abenia & Mathilde Bel - €13.90 - 17.5 x 17.5 cm - 12 pages - Board Book - October 2019


The wolf from The Hungry Wolf is back and getting ready for his holidays. His suitcase is empty, he needs to pack and make sure he doesn’t forget anything; he takes his swim shorts off the washing line, a shirt from his chest of drawers, his toiletries bag from the bathroom, a packet of biscuits from the kitchen, a book off the shelf... He also needs some boots, coloured pencils for the journey and, of course, his beloved toy sheep. Now the suitcase is full, he can go on holiday. May the adventures begin!

A clever board book based on the same concept as The Hungry Wolf; detachable pieces on each page that the child places in a space waiting to be filled up, in this case, the suitcase. Combining Velcro and felt, the pieces are easy to detach and stick. A smart and unique book; a hands-on concept that children love, an original book and object in one, and a fresh and colourful little picture book.


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Un petit bouquin



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