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Le grand voyage - Oriane Sigal - 27 x 36 cm - 32 pages - €20 - Hardback cover - November 2019


Once upon a time, there was a little bird who lived in a deep, dense forest. He was so small, and the trees were so big, that he did not dare leave the family nest. But the day to migrate arrives. One morning, everyone leaves without him, so he throws himself into the air to find his family.

But which way did they go? He asks the woodpeckers for directions, but they can’t hear each other above the racket. Then he speaks to the pink flamingos, but they ignore him. So, he crosses the ocean and meets the toucans and parrots in the Brazilian canopy. Then, he flies over another ocean and meets the cranes in Japan. He continues his journey all the way to Africa. There, he joins a flock of birds. There are so many of them, that they hide the blue sky. He knows that his family are somewhere amongst them and realises that he is big now.


A wonderful artistic picture book about birds, with powerful and lustrous illustrations – a round-the-world trip and a beautiful coming-of-age story.