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Léon n'a pas faim - Violette Vaïsse - 17 x 25 cm - 40 pages - Picture book - March 2023- €14



Leo is not hungry today. He’s sitting in the kitchen in front of his bowl of carrot soup and he won’t have ANY of it. Carrot soup is for bunnies, NOT for Leo!

“Send back this nefarious broth to the kitchens, and please do not give my compliments to the chef!” says Leo, whilst Mum is on the phone. Here, the client is always right, and Leo decides he would rather have a delicious sandwich, filled with everything that’s in the fridge! Watermelon, cheese, a slice of pear pie, gherkins, chocolate… Leo is stuffed! But careful, Mum’s back in the kitchen!

After the astounding success of the hilarious picture book Léon s’ennuie, here are the new adventures of this cheeky and endearing little fox, with his outdated vocabulary and bubbling energy. The young reader will marvel to find the same originality of the narrative device: the dialogue between Leo and the voice-over alternates between reasoning and the pleasure of the game. We have a real crush on Leo!



VIOLETTE VAISSE grew up surrounded by Tomi Ungerer and Clause Ponti’s books. She studied comics at the Ecole Saint-Luc in Brussels. She works as a freelancer in Paris and contributes to various illustration, comic and picture book projects. Léon Is Bored is her first picture book.

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