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Les Jumelles - May Angeli - 21 x 24 cm - 32 pages - April 2021 - €14


In the meadow at the foot of the mountain, Wooly and Curly, two twin lambs, play and squabble all day long. But today Mummy Sheep, their mother, has had enough, so she punishes them. Wooly sulks and Curly is bored, so she decides to go and explore the mountains by herself. But all the paths up there look the same and she soon gets lost… and Curly becomes more and more worried about her sister.

May Angeli plunges the reader into the heart of family life, and more particularly the complex relationship between two twins. A realistic and endearing family portrait, in which the lambs experience love and rivalry, united by a special bond. Yellows, pinks, greens and blues dominate the wood engravings in this picture book and embark the reader on a journey to the Tunisian coast, where the mountains fall steeply into the sea. An untamed landscape from which May Angeli, who lives in Tunisia for several months of the year, draws inspiration.


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