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Les Amis du jardin - Vincent Gravé - 24 x 33 cm - 48 pages - Picture book - May 2022 -

EUR 16



Welcome to the garden of Pomme d'amour and her cat Moustache! Frog, hedgehog, owl, mole or bee, each creature has its role, and all contribute to the life of the garden. So when a ridiculous little king sets out to upset this beautiful balance with a crazy construction project, Pomme d'Amour takes matters into her own hands to defend the garden!


After several collaborations with Gilles Clément, Vincent Gravé delivers here a picture book intended to make the youngest children aware of the functioning of ecosystems. His drawing combines a taste for botanical botanical precision with a tender and a tender and abundant imagination.




Born in 1973, Vincent Gravé has been drawing for and has rarely left his sketchbook.

Since 2003, in parallel to his job as a teacher and teaching and as a freelance roughman, he has published a dozen or so comic strips, alone or alone or in collaboration (with Éric Liberge, Charlélie Couture, Joseph Incardona, Marcus Malte...), published by Carabas, Les Enfants rouges and Glénat (Camille Claudel). He also collaborates regularly with Bertrand Boulbar in the context of concerts.

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