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Le Slip du roi - Mattias Malingrey - 15 x 15 cm - 32 pages - €12.90 - September 2019


Dressing the king is not easy. It takes a long time, and there are so many items of clothing to put on; underpants, tights, socks, a shirt, a coat… And then it’s itchy, and it’s too tight, and it’s too hot, and it’s not the right colour… Luckily the king’s loyal servants are not distracted from their noble task, despite all the monarch’s complaining. There we go, dressed at last. What a saga! Oh oh… Now he needs to do a wee!


A clever and very funny picture book about clothes, that will entertain both children and parents. And in which everyone will see themselves…


L'ours qui ne rentrait plus dans son sli
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