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Les Animaux de Palm Springs - Iris Pouy & Mathilde Payen  - 20 x 30 cm - 48 pages - Hard cover - €16 - April 2020



A pop rewrite of the Musicians of Bremen!

In the middle of a desert in America, in the town of Palm Springs, a bored coyote dreams about his past life as lead singer of “Lonely cactus”, a rock band of wild animals. One day, some unexpected news snaps him out of his reverie. Elvis, the famous King of rock’n’roll, is in Palm Springs writing a new album. Time to reform the band! The coyote gathers his friends the racoon, the cat, the prairie dog and the snake together. They come up with a simple plan: scare Elvis, steal his new songs and play them in Las Vegas. But nothing goes quite as planned…


A superb, fast-paced, funny and rock’n’roll picture book!




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