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Les animaux du loup - Yen-Lu Chen-Abénia & Mathilde Bel - 17.5 x 17.5 cm -
12 pages - January 2021 - €13.90


The wolf loves observing animals and taking photos of them. So, why not create a beautiful photo album of all his favourite animals? He sets off on a journey around the world… He takes a photo of a bird of paradise in the jungle, a crab on the beach, a fox in the forest, a marmot in the mountains... Until his photo album is complete! The Wolf’s Animals is the third title in a hugely successful series, based on the same concept – the child removes the detachable pieces from each page and sticks them in a specific area, in this case the photo album. The pieces are easy to remove and replace using Velcro and felt. A clever and unique book, as fresh and colourful as the other two titles, with an interactive feature that kids love!


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