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Les animaux qui existent peut-être, du professeur O‘Logh - Stéphane Nicolet & Jean-Baptiste Drouot - 21 x 26.7 cm - 80 pages - Hardcover book - Spring 2020 - CAN$25.95



From animals that can sing a tune to others that no longer fly, this improbable bestiary is a hilarious mockumentary with an encyclopaedic twist. It is filled with funny and outrageous facts, descriptions, spoofs and, of course, a plethora of fantastic creatures.


Professor O’Logh has travelled the world in search of astonishing animals and insects to classify. He has consigned all of his drawings and writings in a notebook that was lost for years. But the naturalist’s notebook has just been found and it has been published as a rare encyclopedia. Its pages are filled with creatures that were never observed before. Do they really exist? Did the professor make them up? No matter if he did or not, this notebook is simply  fascinating!




Stéphane Nicolet was born in 1973 in Burgundy, a region of France. He started drawing in Marseille in 1998. Since 2009, he has illustrated numerous documentaries, that were published by Mama Josefa and Nathan, as well as comics and fiction. As a graphic designer and illustrator for children's books and the press, he now lives in the Dordogne.


Jean-Baptiste Drouot is an author and illustrator. He works in the field of children's literature. After studying applied arts and working as a graphic and video game designer, he embarked on the adventure of illustration. His books were released by many publishers such as Bayard, Fleurus, Hélium, Nathan and Les 400 coups. He lives in Clichy, France. 

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