Les boîtes de peinture  - Marcel Aymé & May Angeli - €15 - 20.6 x  29.5 cm - 45 pages - October 2018

A classic children’s book, illustrated by May Angeli! Delphine and Marinette are over the moon. Uncle Alfred has given them both a beautiful box of paints. They can’t wait to use them! Unfortunately, their parents have other plans. Bean picking awaits… So, the duck asks the dog and the pig to help out, so that the girls can paint. But when the donkey discovers his portrait, he’s rather upset. His ears are far too big, and he only has two legs. And things take a turn for the worst when Delphine and Marinette’s parents notice that the donkey can’t stand up anymore, the horse has shrunk, and the oxen have disappeared!
Marcel Aymé’s writing has not aged a day. His imagination and sense of humour will delight readers today, just as they did 77 years ago.