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Les farceurs - Anne-Hélène Dubray - €14.50 - 20 x 23 cm - 48 pages (flaps) - hard cover - January 2016



What’s that slipping through the trees? Is it a snake? No, it’s a jaguar’s tail! What’s that at the top of the palm tree? Is it a toucan’s beak? No, it’s a rhinoceros’s horn!


Appearances can be deceiving. In this book, ten mischievous animals,
hidden behind leaves and branches (and flaps), are all pretending to be something they’re not. This book, featuring a poetic text, is a surprisingly fun way of playing with animals.


A gorgeous book, in which illusion plays with reality!
– Aïcha Djarir – Paris mômes

'The reader is played with and willfully mislead to the wrong answer!'
– Véronique Van der Meij – Breadcrumb

Mention Opera Prima - Bologna Ragazzi Award 2017


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