Les faux-pas - Marion Fayolle - 27 x 9 cm - 144 pages - €20 - Soft cover - May 2019


The Gérard Philipe theatre asked Marion Fayolle to attend choreographer Thierry Tieu Niang’s workshops over 2 years, and to create a book. Missteps is the free extension of this experience. The workshops attended by Marion Fayolle were not for professional dancers, but for amateurs, young children, women freshly arrived in France, old people... Little by little, Marion Fayolle watches as the dancers’ missteps are transformed into something beautiful. Her bookmaking process resonates wholly with the choreographer’s work. Marion Fayolle sees her characters challenge her control over the book and story. She decides to leave them the freedom to make mistakes, to slip away from her, creating a unique book that reveals the special relationship between an author and her characters, true living actors of the book and its pages.