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Marivière - Catherine Lepage  - 19.3 x 26.5 cm - 42 pages - Hardcover book - August 2017- CAN$19.95



Mary-River has long, shiny, blue hair. It falls in waves, to the delight of the village children and the forest animals. Everyone wants to be her friend. But Mary-River needs someone to take care of her. When no one does, she becomes exhausted. How will her friends help her get her sparkle back?




Catherine Lepage is a graphic designer, author and illustrator. She has written various books for children such as her recent Zoothérapie (2016) and Fines tranches d'angoisse (2014), that were released by Somme toute. In 2016, she adapted and scripted the text of Le tragique destin de Pépito and created the illustrations for this graphic novel based on a tale by the singer-songwriter Pierre Lapointe. Marivière is her second title to be published by Comme des géants.



This is the perfect book for teaching young children to respect and care for nature. Rather than playing on guilt, Catherine Lepage encourages them to do what they can to protect the environment.
– Pierre-Alexandre Bonin – Campagne pour la lecture

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