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maman renard


Maman renard - Amandine Momenceau - 23 x 32 cm - 48 paper cuts pages - €18 - Hard cover - October 2015



At the edge of the forest, Mother Fox looks at its young frolicking in the snow. But the little ones walk a little too far from the earth... And in an instant, Mother Fox loses sight of them! She goes to look after them, but there are so many trees, and the snow is so deep… Finding them won’t be a piece of cake.  A tender and poetic stroll, a real hide and seek through the snowy forest (for the reader, as for Mother Fox), in dainty paper cuts. The fine and delicate paper cuts make the forest even more real.


“Scandalously adorable”

“A little moment of bliss”
– Véronique Van der meij – Breadcrumb

“A cosy yet well made picturebook”
– Aïcha Djarir – Paris mômes

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