Marions-les ! - Eric Sanvoisin & Delphine Jacquot - Picture book - 18 x 33 cm - 48 pages - May 2019 - €15

Once upon a time there was a rabbit. No ordinary rabbit. Stylish, elegant and chic! A single rabbit, who falls in love with a carrot. Naturally, the carrot is terrified at the prospect of being eaten. So, out of love, the rabbit has his big teeth removed. The gesture melts the carrot’s heart, who agrees to get married. But along comes the fox… Will he get his rabbit and carrot stew? At the bottom of each page, the spider and the worm, first-row spectators, comment on the story, question its credibility, the characters’ decisions, or the blossoming love story. And it’s hilarious! The main part of the text, delightfully cheeky and highly rhythmical, is brought to life by elegant and stylised illustrations, with a strong graphic identity. Love at first sight!

Libbylit Award 2019 - Best picture book of the year


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