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Mascarade - Cléa Dieudonné - 15 x 21 cm - 16 pages - October 2020 - €14.90



That morning, the frog wakes up on her lily pad. She stretches, opens her mouth to yawn and… ROOAARR! She roars like a lion! She hops away to show the dog. But when he hears the terrifying sound, he shivers with fright, opens his mouth to yelp and… BAAAA! He bleats like a sheep! And so on… The horse meows like a cat, the owl buzzes like a bee, the wolf moos like a cow… All the animals rush to find the witch, it’s all her fault. She wanted to replace her quavering voice with the cooing of a dove, but instead she messed up all the animal sounds. A pop-up with 8 3D animals, that can also serve as masks by looking through the two holes in the book.n this giant board book, discover the art of Obom, a world filled with humour, inventiveness and richness, which will stimulate children’s imagination while they learn new words and have fun!

Award-winning filmmaker Obom presents her first children’s book: an oversize wordbook inspired by fairy tales. It features seven funny-looking and refreshing giants living in seven wonderful worlds such as the city, the forest, the mountain, the lake, the village, the sea and the prairie. When it is open flat on the floor, toddlers can almost immerse themselves into this giant board book and its colorful landscapes.




Obom is an animation filmmaker, illustrator and cartoonist who lives in Montréal. She has directed dozens of films, several of which have been produced by the NFB (National Film Board). Her short films have been screened at numerous international festivals. Her books are published by L'Oie de Cravan and translated by Drawn & Quarterly. Obom also practices the art of performance and installation and she regularly works for the press. Her movies and her illustrations recall urban tales. 

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