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Maskime et les petites choses - Nicolas Deleau & Irene Bonacina - 14.5 x 21 cm - 56 pages - March 2019 - € 12.50



Maskime likes little things. Unfortunately, everything around him is too big. His town, his school, even his bedroom… So, he spends his time observing all the little things. The spider sleeping on the ceiling in his building’s stairwell, the little green shoot sprouting out of the concrete pavement… Then one day, while he is concentrating on the infinitely small, the infinitely big erupts in the form of a sneeze. It belongs to Barouf, the elephant. He’s kind and funny, but also very big… Leading Maskime to wonder how on earth he will fit his new friend into his world of little things!

A precious little book of finely crafted words, illustrated by Irène Bonacina, reminiscent of Marcel Aymé, Sempé or Quentin Blake… A gem!




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