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Mauvaises herbes - Pauline Payen & Noelia Diaz - 23 x 20 cm - 40 pages - Non Fiction - March 2023 - €16.50



A beautiful nature book all about weeds, starting with why they are considered to be “bad”. From one page to the next, young readers will discover that self propagating plants are not so bad after all, and that they play an essential role in nature just like all living things! The book helps understand their place in the ecosystem and how their interact with the flora and fauna in their environment, whether in a town or the countryside. At the end is a little detailed guide, with true-to-nature colours, for budding explorers who want to go weed picking. An original theme that is rarely explored in children’s books.




Pauline Payen is a journalist for children’s magazines at Bayard Presse. She writes about a wide range of non-fiction topics for little ones. She specialises in nature, which she has loved since her early childhood. She enjoys sharing her passion for animals and plants with young readers. 

Noelia Diaz is an illustrator from Brussels. She studied Illustration and a Master’s in Comics at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc. In May 2021, her first comic book was published by Editions CFC, Un ouragan dans la Barbe.

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