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Metropolis — Benoit Tardif — Hardcover book — 21.6 x 28 cm — 72 pages — November 2015 — CAN$22.95



What do people in Bangkok eat? What are the buildings like in Amsterdam? What sport is big in Sydney? What can you see only in Cairo? Metropolis showcases the gems of 32 cities on every continent, presenting them as postcards. Discover the charm of tourist attractions – architecture, culture, cuisine, sports – through colourful, vivid illustrations.




Benoit Tardif studied graphic design, but he is above all an illustrator whose style is deeply colorful and singular. Since 2010, he works as an artistic director and co-owner of the publisher Éditions de ta Mère. He has created dozens of book covers as well as several editorial illustrations. In 2014, he wrote and illustrated Sport-O-Rama, his first children's book (Comme des géants).



“The illustration style, stripped of any flourishes, plays a big part in this book’s appeal and simplicity. The pages are given over to Tardif’s colourful, dynamic lines, which add a playful dimension to the book. A wonderful initiative.”

– Marie Fradette – Le Devoir


“Highly instructive and lots of fun, this picture book is a wonderful window onto the world.”

– Andrée Poulin – Campagne pour la lecture


“This book is outstanding for its remarkable harmony and the quality of printing, convincing you that you are flipping through the work of a true artist. Unique.”

– Harold Gilbert –Revue Les libraires


“A quick, colourful tour of Planet Earth that will make eyes dance with dreams to make come true one day...”

– Anne-Marie Lobbe – Journal de Montréal

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