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Meugli - Emilie Chazerand & Félix Rousseau - 21 x 21 cm - 48 pages - €21.90 - October 2019


Mr and Mrs Mouillette are very occupied – career, work, money… But they still have time to have three children – Colombe, Jean-Nicolas and Baby Mouillette. One day, on a trip to a farm, they are so busy taking selfies with a goat, that they let Baby Mouillette slip away! He falls asleep peacefully with the goats, pressed against their soft fur. But when he wakes up, there are only rams, a calf and a cow left. These few days will forever change his life…

The hilarious story of the now big Baby Mouillette's life, that questions, with a great deal of humour, our relationship with smartphones, work, nature and the passing of time.


L'ours qui ne rentrait plus dans son sli
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