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Micro Zouzou contre Maxi Zinzin - Mattias Arrégui & Léon Maret - Hardcover book - 18 x 26 cm - 57 pages - 2021 - €15



Quackville, homeland of the rich and famous…
In this small town, is a very special club, a club reserved only for the very richest, it’s the famous Opulence
Club! Lady Mireille, grand old fortune of this little corner of paradise, wants to get in since a very long time…  Alas, the Opulents still don’t let her in, which causes her a lot of anger, and the toothache begins.
This is where Zouzou and his uncle Marietti come in. In the name of love and healing, the dentist Marietti offers her to test a revolutionary method: micro-dentistry. It’s very simple: using a mi-crocro-scope, Zouzou is sent directly into her gums, to inspect these toothaches on the spot. But soon, Lady Mireille doesn’t stick to the plan, and for Micro Zouzou, who’s still stuck in her teeth, the situation soon gets out of hand!


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