Mimose et Sam, t.3 : Mission hibernation — Cathon — Hardcover book — 18.8 x 24 cm — 48 pages — April 2020 — CAN$20.95


Winter is around the corner in the garden. It’s time for the animals and the insects to stock up provisions, take shelter and hibernate. But something seems to go wrong. Despite her efforts, Poppy can’t fall asleep. Could she have forgotten how to hibernate? With the help of her friend Sam, whom she wakes up, the little girl goes in search for solutions. How do her companions —the bees, the toad, the ants or the mice— do all winter long? What if she visited them? Maybe they could help her to rest! Find out in this third volume of the series Poppy & Sam, two adventurous and endearing characters.


Cathon is an author and illustrator. She studied visual and media arts (BA, Université du Québec à Montréal). Since 2013, she has been publishing comic books and picture books at La Pastèque, Pow Pow, Comme des géants and Owlkids. She also writes an illustrated feminist column for la Gazette des femmes. She published her first book in 2011, Trois secondes plus vite, for which she was selected for the Bédélys Indépendant prize. This new adventure of Poppy & Sam is her fourth title to be published by Comme des géants.

English rights sold (US and Canada)