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Modeste -Julien Baer & Magali Le Huche - 18 x 26 cm - 36 pages - Picture book - Avril 2023 - €14.50


At my school, a whole bunch of pupils is always together, talking about this and that: about what their parents do for a living (they all have great jobs), of their houses (they’re huge) or their holidays (always amazing!). What if I introduced them to my pet, George?
Hiding under what looks like a light farce, two big names of children's literature, Julien Baer and Magali Le Huche, pinpoint the boastfulness that reigns around the playgrounds, tackling issues such as the lack of self-confidence and the difficulties of integration. But the duo reminds us that even when we think we are not worthy of interest, we have many unsuspected resources within ourselves. Though not serious at all, this picture book does grasp a subject matter that is in fact very serious. Funny and touching at the same time, Modest, through the unexpected and resolutely stunning ending, succeeds to shut up those who feel a bit superior. Highly enjoyable!




JULIEN BAER is an author, a musician, and an illustrator. He has written around thirty children’s books and previously worked with Magali Le Huche published by Gallimard and Les Fourmis rouges.  After graduating from the Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, MAGALI LE HUCHE became an illustrator for press and children’s books, and a comic strip writer. Well known for her vivid and humorous style, she has won several major prices. Her books have been translated worldwide.

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