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Mon quartier - Judy Kaufmann - 20 x 45 cm - 16 pages - Leporello Board Book -  €18 - October 2019



There is always something happening on my street. At number 62, a new family has just moved into the flat on the first floor, whereas on the second, Violette is busy in the kitchen. She makes the best cakes in the neighbourhood. Number 66 is the florist and the Boteros’ apartment. On my way home, I also walk past the bookshop, the ice cream parlour and even Rosa’s sheepfold. Number 76 is my house. I love thinking about all the people who live in my neighbourhood.


My Neighbourhood is a large accordion board book that the child can unfold and stand up like a little screen; on the front, the day, on the back, the night! On each page, a building full of life, with lots of little scenes to observe and things to name. A beautiful book and object that will delight children.


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